Reyes Wine Group works with a wide range of partners across the wine industry and is passionate about supporting them. Below are some of the projects we have worked with and links to their corresponding websites.


Grape Experience

Winner of the WSET Educator of the Year Award in 2014, Grape Experience is one of the top WSET programs on the West Coast. Founder Adam Chase is the consummate educator and I have the honor to be one of his instructors for both Level 3 and Diploma.


SF Wine School

The top generalist wine academy in California, SF Wine School is led by good friend and Master Sommelier David Glancy. SF Wine School offers unparalleled diversity of wine academic programs, including several crucial certifications for the wine professional.


The Institute of Masters of Wine

The inspiration for it all, a dream of mine since 2006. Did you know I applied and was turned away from being a student in 2010? If at first you don’t succeed… drink a ton more wine! Find out more about the top wine industry credential in the world.


Chef Robert Mancuso

One of only 67 Certified Master Chefs in the US and a good friend whom I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with on stage. Please drop into his masterful website and say hello. Wine & Food Pairing – Master Classes available.


My first job in the wine business – back in 2002. remains one of my clients to this day. A rocking source for wines but surprisingly… a good selection of spirits too.


Wine with Paige

Paige Comrie is an associate for Reyes Wine Group and additionally runs her own blog where she features her favorite wines and the stories behind the label. She holds her WSET Level 3 Certificate, and I met her while instructing for Grape Experience.


Culinary Art School

The first school specialized in Culinary Arts in Northwest Mexico. They started their activities in 2003, at a strategic point: the city of Tijuana in Baja California. Very close to the border with the United States and the wine region of Ensenada, where more than 90% of Mexican wine is produced.